UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences Faculty

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences Faculty MemberAcademic Qualifications: Dr. Cooper originally trained as a British veterinary surgeon (veterinarian). He graduated in veterinary science and gained his MRCVS at the University of Bristol in 1966. He is a member of a husband and wife team. His wife, Mrs Margaret E Cooper, LLB, FLS, is a lawyer who trained originally as a British solicitor and has made the study of animal and conservation law her special interest.


Craig du Plooy, M. Com. Information Systems (Forensics) (Honors)

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences Faculty MemberAcademic Qualifications: Craig du Plooy has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Information System Forensics degree and an Honors degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He has over 15 years of experience in digital forensics, visual data analytics, information security, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.



Charis Nick-Torok, Esquire

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences Faculty MemberAcademic Qualifications: Charis Nick-Torok is a NYS licensed attorney, with a JD in law from Albany Law School and a masters in bioethics from Union Graduate College – Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. She also holds certificates in federal emergency response protocols for people and animals (FEMA) and NYC Animal Care and Handling laws. She is the Secretary of the NYS Bar Committee on Animals & Law (COAL), as well as a member of the Legislative subcommittee, where she drafted several support memos for animal-related bills that were subsequently signed into NYS law.


Adrienne Brundage, Ph.D.

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences Faculty Member

Academic Qualifications: Dr. Brundage is a forensic entomologist currently residing in Texas. She received her PhD in entomology from Texas A&M University, and has worked as a forensic entomologist in both California and Texas since 1999. In addition to case work, Dr. Brundage works as a professor of entomology, and has taught various entomological and forensic courses at San Jose State University, Texas A&M University, and Baylor University.



Ngaio Richards, Ph.D.

Academic Qualifications: Ngaio Richards is a wildlife biologist and detection dog handler whose work involves bridging the gap between those who specialize either in the repercussions of pesticides, or of veterinary agents, on wildlife as well as those who work in field and analytical settings. She is also the Forensics & Field Specialist for Working Dogs for Conservation, a nonprofit in Montana.


AnnMarie Clark, M.S.

AnnMarie ClarkAcademic Qualifications: AnnMarie Clark spent 18 years with the University of Florida managing a wildlife genetics laboratory that focused on population and conservation genetics, as well as training graduate students in the fine arts of non-lethal sample collection, how to process their own samples in the laboratory, and data collection and analysis.