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Spring 2020

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Check out featured courses for Spring 2020! These courses count as elective credit for the Master of Science in Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation.

WIS 6934

Working Dogs in Forensic Sciences

The value of the canine nose is well-documented, and working dogs are being increasingly utilized for their olfactory skills in conservation. Dogs are used in forensic science, in the calculation of population trends of endangered species, in the eradication of invasive species in protected environments, in the identification of disease, and in the identification of infestations and chemical contaminants.


WIS 6563

Wildlife Forensic Pathology

Examine the pathology and pathogenesis of infectious and non-infectious diseases, traumatic injury, and poisoning that are a feature of wildlife forensic cases. Recognition of aspects of gross and histopathological pathology and correlate changes with clinical pathology and other data. Understand infectious agents and involvement in the production of pathological lesions.


UF’s online Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation graduate program offers an online master’s degree, a graduate certificate, and non-degree options aimed at working professionals and students in wildlife conservation, ecology, and animal protection. Coursework will cover the contemporary issues in domestic and international wildlife protection and conservation. Students can also expect to dive into the current laws and regulations, plus the handling and interpretation of evidence found in wildlife crime activities.

Current and potential careers for students of the wildlife forensic sciences and conservation program include, but are not limited to:

  • Wildlife conservation officers
  • Game and fish officers
  • Individuals involved in NGO wildlife conservation programs
  • Crime scene analysts
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Forensic investigators
  • Academic students

UF Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation fight, a confrontation between two white rhino in the African savannah on the lake Nakuru, Kenya